Barons Quay Car Park Opens Up 400 Spaces


Council bosses have announced Barons Quay will open up 400 free spaces for motorists.

According to Northwich Guardian,the current M&S Tabley Street Car Park will close and the top level of the Barons Quay car park will open towards the end of August.

The car park will have a maximum stay of four hours. M&S spaces will be allocated and marked in green to show the bays reserved for their customers.

Northwich Guardian also added, Northwich Bid Manager, Jane Hough said “With this announcement it’s all edging closer to reality and I’m really getting excited now. Barons Quay is really going to revolutionise the cultural, economic and social landscape of Northwich and it will be amazing to watch the town grow and expand further in the coming months and years.”