Barons Quay Continues To Excel


Barons Quay continues to go from strength to strength, recording an incredible 300,000 visits for the first since its launch. The footfall continues to grow, especially with negotiations with major brands nearly coming to a close. The 300,000 visits have been the first time this has been surpassed since the launch of Barons Quay in November, which shows the locals are loving the new shopping centre.

The incredible footfall milestone is now almost double the recorded 163,000 in September 2016, highlighting the progression and growth for Barons Quay. There have been various benefits since the launch of Barons Quay, with ASDA supporting local community heroes, ASDA providing food to the local food banks, a night time bus service, which has given everyone extra access to and from Barons, in line with cinema times.

Jane Hough, the Business Improvement District Manager of Northwich BID spoke on the matter and said: “I’m delighted that Northwich has passed the 300,000-visitor mark in April. It feels like a significant milestone and now with Pro-Tour this weekend and what we hope will soon be exciting news from Barons Quay, it feels like Northwich is really making progress to being the wonderful, thriving town we are all so keen to see.”

The 300,000 footfalls have benefitted from numerous events held in Barons Quay, which include the Easter Extravaganza which brought roughly 16,000 people to Northwich!

Northwich is also undergoing changes to the town centre, which will eventually see an incredible £1.4 million spent on refurbishing the town. The £1.4 million is going towards keeping the history of the town intact and building on the history of the beautiful town of Northwich.

Barons Quay may not be entirely filled; however, it continues to benefit the town and the locals in Northwich.