Brands That Have Moved To Barons Quay


The new Barons Quay shopping centre hasn’t only brought jobs and a brand-new shopping centre to Northwich, but it has also brought exciting new brands. It offers something different rather than strolling through the town street and more importantly it brings something a little different. Take a look at the brands that have officially confirmed at the Barons Quay! 

Odeon Cinema

With the ODEON cinema joining the Barons Quay on the 15th of December it hasn’t seen a shortage of customers. It has seen people from all over Northwich come across to take a look at the facilities and the movies on show. Not only have people come across to take a look at the exciting development but they have also had an incredible 350 applications for jobs, highlighting the impact of the ODEON cinema. With a central attraction, there is no wonder why people are queuing up to see it!


ASDA have officially opened in the Barons Quay and it is perfect for those looking to do a little food shopping as well as taking a little stroll through the shops. ASDA are now bringing the essential shopping side to the shopping centre, helping Barons Quay bring everything together.


Coffee shops are a perfect opportunity to take a break and with the Starbucks in Barons Quay you get exactly that. Although the opening of the shop is yet to be confirmed, Starbucks offers the opportunity to sit back and relax.


Wildwood is one of the only restaurants currently situated in the Barons Quay. Part of TASTY PLC, Wildwood is part of a small, niche selection of restaurants that serves fresh and genuine food. With a homely and relaxed environment, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from several different types of foods and drinks. Wildwood is perfect for a date, catch up and even just a get-together, so why not take advantage?