Meet Optimus Prime at Barons Quay!



The Entertainer is bringing Optimus Prime to Northwich, giving fans the chance to meet the famous Transformer and ultimate Robot in Disguise. 

The Optimus Prime truck, which is more than 12ft tall and 30ft long, is coming to Barons Quay on Thursday 2nd June, between 9am – 4pm.

Fans will get to see the  world famous character come to life with a spectacular full-scale replica truck, which will be situated in-front of the Project Happy Mural in Barons Quay. 

The meet and greet is completely free-of-charge and will provide families and fans with a fun-filled day out, where they can pose for photos with their hero.

Lina Higuita, Centre Manager at Barons Quay said: “We are very excited for Optimus Prime to visit Barons Quay next month. Visitors will be given the opportunity to sit inside the truck and have their photos taken to remember the iconic moment.” 

Adele Rowe, store manager at The Entertainer, Barons Quay said: “We’re really happy to be hosting Optimus Prime and we hope that children and adults alike will love him. What a great way to kick start the jubilee weekend. We look forward to seeing everyone.”