The Barons Quay Effect


With Barons Quay opening in Northwich, the area has gone from strength to strength with this amazing development. The brands, which include ASDA, Odeon, Wildwood and Starbucks have incorporated the community in different ways. On top of this the council has created a reliable route to and from the shopping centre in order to get more people to the new and exciting shopping centre. We’re going to take a look into the exciting developments since Barons Quay opened!

The Night Time Bus Service

Barons Quay identified that it was difficult to get to and from the shopping centre and made some changes to the public transport. There is now a service that will run on Friday and Saturday evenings and will work around cinema times. The change in service has helped increase activity in and around the Barons Quay.

The Community Hero

The new Barons Quay – ASDA has been busy since it arrived. They have been handing out community awards and also donating foods to great causes. ASDA nominated Michael Lanham as their community hero in Northwich for handing out food to the homeless, as well as finding them somewhere warm to stay at night. ASDA and Michael are ensuring that they are the heart of the community when it comes to rewarding and recognising great work within the community.

Food Bank Boosters

It doesn’t stop at the community hero reward with ASDA, as they have donated large amounts of food. ASDA donated food and essential supplies, which include toothbrushes and toiletries to the Mid Cheshire Food Bank. ASDA are helping the cause to beat poverty across the UK, which has seen the local Northwich community also help the cause.