The Best Family Board Games


Swap boredom for board games during lockdown and engage the kids in some friendly competition! Sitting down together as a family to play a game or two is one of the simple pleasures we can all enjoy at the moment, from classics like Monopoly to exciting new games like Shark Bite, there’s something for everyone.  Here’s a run down of our favourites, all available to click and collect from The Entertainer, Barons Quay.


You can’t beat a classic, there’s a reason why Scrabble has been a family favourite since the 1930s!  This is a great game to get them away from their screens to help improve spelling and vocabulary while having fun.

Just in case you can’t remember, the rules are simple, you must create the highest scoring word you can with the seven letter tiles drawn at random. Points are awarded for letter value and boosted by premium squares on the grid.

Recommended for children aged 10 years and older – but if you have younger children you could always play in teams or set a maximum word count of, say four, so that they can play along.

For ages 10+


Beware of the Soggy Doggy in this action-packed game of bathing fun!

Ideal for younger children, this hilarious game will keep them engaged and they’ll love the cute doggy that takes centre stage.  Players must race around the board washing and showering Soggy Doggy…but watch out, he loves to shake himself dry!  If you get wet it’s back to the start you go.

A modern game, that’s sure to instill a love of board games for those who’ve never played before, quick and easy to set up and without any complicated rules – it’s just pure fun!

For ages: 4 – 12 years


How many times have you read this iconic Julia Donaldson story? If your kids love the Gruffalo then they’re guaranteed to love the game. 

Perfect for preschoolers, players in this game have to help their mouse through deep, dark wood – looking out for the fox, owl and a snake who would love to eat them up!!!

Search under the trees for the Gruffalo picture. Everyone else is scared of his terrible teeth, purple prickles and orange eyes, but your mouse needs him to get home safe.  

Lots of fun and true to the original book, your little ones will test their bravery and memory in this lovely game that will have the whole family growling with delight! 

Suitable for fearless mice 3 and over.



Parents this is your opportunity to learn all about Fortnite!  Bringing together an old classic with a modern phenomenon Monopoly: Fortnite Edition Board Game is the ultimate activity for families with older children.

Your favourite drop locations are now hot property ready for you to snap up, will you head for the Titled Towers, or play it safe and land yourself a nice pad on the Snobby Shores?

Use your map knowledge to get the drop on your opponents. There are 27 different outfits to choose from, so you can be sure you’re winning in style.

Rather than money, it’s your HP that you need to keep topped up. There’s even the mighty Storm to keep up with. This is Monopoly as you’ve never seen it before.

Battle it out with up to 7 players. Cruise around the board, unlocking chests and taking risks – will you be the last man standing?

Perfect for Battle Royale veterans and novices aged 13 and over.



Combine learning and fun with this great game from Orchard Toys!  The kids will improve their counting skills and learn all about money in this fabulous Pop to the Shops game.

Easy to set-up with simple to follow instructions, everyone must go round the board from shop to shop using plastic money to buy lots of different items. 

Suitable for two to four players aged five and up, this silver award winning game links with National Curriculum maths – so why not use this in your homeschooling schedule? 

Age: 5 – 9 years


An excellent, all-action game that will keep everyone on their toes! Suitable for children as young as four years old, but older ones will love the novelty of playing this too.

The aim of the game is to snag enough fish before you get snapped?

Players take turns to roll the dice and hook fishes from out of the shark’s jaw with the plastic fishing rod. But this is no idyllic fishing trip, you have to look out for the snapping Shark Bite! If you take too many of his fish, he might fancy you for dinner instead.

Age: 4 – 16 years