The Northwich band have announced they will be performing 4 homecoming gigs in May 2018. Tickets for the exclusive performances at the bands home town will be available Saturday 3rd March. Ticket information soon to be announced.

As well as the gigs at the Memorial Court, there will be a lot of activity around Northwich from 10th May until 20th May 2018. Starting with an exhibition being located at Barons Quay with exclusive memorabilia, instruments and merchandise from the band’s near-30 years together.

The best-selling author Dave Haslam will be launching his autobiography Sonic Youth Slept On My Floor at The Charlatans exhibition at Barons Quay.

Odeon at Barons Quay will be exclusively showing a number of films Saturday 19th May. The films include The Two Shot Podcast Live with BAFTA winning director Paddy Considine and Live of Duty star Craig Parkinson. As well as Bunch of Kunst, the award wining Sleaford Mods documentary, Factory Floor’s re-score of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Paddy Considine’s Journeyman and Charlatans videos and live footage. Tickets available here.

To see a full list of the activity in Northwich for The Charlatans, click here.