Wildwood at Barons Quay


Wildwood will be opening at Barons Quay on December 20th.

Tasty PLC, (the firm who owns Wildwood) submitted a licensing application to the council in September.

According to Northwich Guardian, Jonny Plant, chief executive of Wildwood Restaurants, said: “We are excited about opening our new Wildwood restaurant at Barons Quay.”

“We know there is nothing like our restaurants available in Northwich at the moment and we look forward to showing Barons Quay customers some homely hospitality and to serving great food.”

Northwich Guardian also added, Stephen Cliff, owner of Vision Developments, the property development company behind Barons Quay, said: “We are delighted Wildwood have selected Barons Quay to open their latest restaurant.”

“Barons Quay is going from strength to strength and is going to make a huge difference for people living in Northwich and further afield, as well as creating lots more jobs in the process.”