How would you like to be part of of our time travelling adventure? We are inviting local people to reflect on Northwich’s  past, present and future to create an exciting Time Capsule that will inspire future generations in the town!  Here are just some of the ways you can contribute to the project.


The contents of the Time Capsule will focus on Northwich in 2021 as well as predictions for the future, however we believe that it’s a good opportunity to reflect on the town’s rich history too.

If you and your family have lived in Northwich for a long time we’d love to hear your stories and see pictures or footage of the town through the decades.  These will be included in an exhibition, which will go on display in Barons Quay prior to the Time Capsule being buried.

The 1990’s may seem like yesterday but a lot has changed in the last 30 years, especially technology! If you have any old phones, games consoles or other memorabilia from that era we’d love to borrow them for our exhibition, we think tech savvy kids of today will find them fascinating!

If you’d like to contribute please get in touch by emailing we’d love to hear from you.


There’s no denying that the last 12 months have been strange, a moment in history that will always be remembered around the world.  We’d like to include a number of People Profiles in the Time Capsule to help young people in 2051 understand what living through the pandemic was like.  To take part you will need to fill in a questionnaire and include a photograph of yourself. We will select 10 profiles to be included that represent a good mix of the local community.  To sign-up to be one of our profiles please fill in the form below.




What will life be like in Northwich in 2051? We are working with schools in the local area on a futurist project that will predict how different life will be for young people in 30 years time.


Any teachers that would like to get involved, please click here.


Over the next few months there will be a number of activities taking place, which you can take part in.  Please follow us on social media for the latest Time Capsule news @BaronsQuay on Facebook and Instagram and @barons_quay on Twitter.