3 famous people we bet you didn’t know were from Northwich


This may not be known to many people, but the town of Northwich has many claims to fame, in the form of talented artists and athletes who have gone on to take the world by storm. Believe it or not, this south Cheshire town has plenty to be proud of. So let’s explore the accomplishments and rich histories of three of the most famous people to come out of Northwich.


  1. Tim Burgess


You can’t talk about the town of Northwich without making reference to the most famous band to come out of the area; The Charlatans. Tim Burgess, a musician, songwriter and record label artist, grew up in Northwich and joined The Charlatans as lead singer. The band regularly returns to the area to compose their music and perform for the locals. Including right back to our very doorstep for an exclusive performance in May.


In addition to being part of The Charlatans, Burgess also worked on a solo career in the early 2000s. He released an album called ‘I Believe’ in 2003, and his second in 2012. The year before he founded his own record label called ‘O Genesis’.


Burgess even went on to enter the world of film music. He helped to create the soundtracks for movies and TV shows such as The World’s End, Teleport, 90s Rockers, The Noise, and The Inbetweeners.


  1. Steve Hewitt


The musical talent of Northwich continues as Steve Hewitt, former drummer of band Placebo, was also born and raised in Northwich, even attending school there. From the very beginning, Hewitt was heavily into music. Influenced by many of the world’s most famous rock musicians and performers, Hewitt was inspired to become a drummer.


Hewitt joined alternative rock band in 1991 following a meeting with Brian Molko, Placebo’s lead vocalist. However, as he was still entered into a contract with a different record label, Hewitt’s face is blurred out in the music video for Nancy Boy. Just in case you’ve ever wondered why!


In the years to come, Hewitt toured with Placebo several times and was featured in four albums that the band put out. The first single that Hewitt put his name to as a band member was Pure Morning.


However, in 2007, Hewitt’s run with Placebo came to an end, and an official announcement was made on the band’s website announcing that the separation was happening due to “musical differences”. Following the departure, Hewitt bounced between bands but never fully committed to any of them.


  1. Paula Radcliffe


It appears that the area isn’t only renowned for its music. Famous English long-distance runner, Paula Radcliffe, was born just outside of the town in 1973. Not one to let anything hold her back, Radcliffe was inspired by her marathon-running father and battled with anaemia and asthma to take her interest in sports to the next level.


To this very day, Radcliffe is the world record holder for fastest female marathon runner, with her unparalleled finishing time of 2 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds. She also has three London marathon wins under her belt, as well as victories in the Chicago and New York marathons.


Radcliffe has also dipped her toe into the waters of activism. Throughout her professional career, she has been extremely outspoken against doping in professional sports. Look back at her competitions and races and you will notice that she wears a red ribbon on her arm which is to symbolise her support of blood tests to identify doping.