How to choose the perfect Father’s Day gift


What do you get the man who has everything? Father’s Day can be a difficult holiday for gift givers of all ages. You want to completely surprise your dad, delight him and say ‘thank you’, and make him tear up all in one go. Instead, too many daughters and sons end up spending too much, going with something silly or way off the mark, or feeling guilty because they don’t think what they got was good enough.


But we can help with that. To avoid one of the above or a combination of more than one, here are the three ways to avoid Father’s Day pitfalls for fool-proof gift giving.


Think about what he likes

What does your dad do in his free time? Does he like television? If so, what does he watch the most? Is he active? Whether it’s golfing, running or walking, there are plenty of sports-related gift ideas out there. Does he like to travel? Do you often find him with his head buried in a book? Or does he have a strong attachment to his BBQ?

Whatever your dad likes to do in his downtime, it’s the best place to start when looking for a perfect gift.


Give him something to do

A gift that your dad will value doesn’t have to be particularly focused on materialism. Instead of another ‘Best Dad in the World’ mug, why not go for something that he can actually put to good use?

If he loves going to see the latest films, something as simple and small as a loaded gift card to Odeon Barons Quay can be enough. It may seem small to you, but to him it shows you know what he really likes and want to give him the encouragement to go and do just that. More information for Odeon gift cards can be found here. 


Something personal

Anyone can go out and buy a gift, but that’s not what dads want on Father’s Day. The ultimate golden rule for buying and giving gifts on Father’s Day is to be thoughtful and think of something personal. You know your dad a lot better than you may think you do, and surely you know that the one thing they want more than anything is to feel appreciated and to spend more quality time with their family.

So if you have to spend your money, why not make it on something the two of you can do together? If he’s a movie buff, take him to see a film on the big screen at Odeon Northwich, or grab a couple of tickets to his favourite sport, or finally go fishing with him, or make him breakfast in bed. Trust us, he’ll love it.