Best double date ideas that won’t be awkward


First date ideas

Double dates are only ever going to not be awkward if you all know each other fairly well, whether that’s as couples, individuals or as a group. Chances are, however, that by the virtue of you even reading this article that it’s not the case.

The majority of the time, if you’re looking for advice about double dating without the awkwardness that at least one pair in this dynamic are heading out on a first date, and if not this is essentially a first date where you’re introducing somebody to friends or family.

With that in mind, a good place to start would be some tips for a first date in general as, after all, this is technically a first date between at least two of the group.

First things first then, let’s not put too much pressure on this arrangement, we don’t want you all put into a situation that requires immediate and unrelenting engagement. It needs something that’s relaxed where anybody can take a break at any time, and where nobody feels trapped for a certain period of time. It goes without saying, in this context, that the cinema is out of the question.

Secondly, this is a four way dynamic but also operates as one-on-one too, so you need to keep in mind that you’re going to be having to be flexible in conversation to be able to either pay attention to just one person in the group, or one person talking to you directly, and you’re going to have to pay attention. Somewhere with atmosphere is key, but you don’t want anywhere too noisy. A club? Absolutely not, you won’t be able to hear a thing. A bar? Yes, but not somewhere where you’re going to have nowhere to sit and have a conversation.

Double date

The double date then. Potentially it’s a minefield. There’s endless different potential dynamics whether you’re the established couple meeting a new couple, or vice versa. You might be introducing your new partner to your best mate, you might be meeting theirs. One thing’s for sure though, at least it’s a fairly laid back situation as opposed to meeting a huge group of people all at once.

In any case, there are still a few social tips you can stand to keep in mind to avoid unnecessary slip ups. They might sound fairly straight forward, but you’d be shocked at how many times you see them happen.

Firstly, avoid big public displays of affection, nobody wants to see it and it’s likely to make the opposite couple feel either cold in comparison or just a little bit sick. Make sure you have some conversation with everybody in the group, not just the person you know the best or your partner, make the effort with everyone.

Make sure you don’t drink too much; nobody wants to deal with you being sloppy in an already potentially awkward situation. Furthermore, try to minimise any inside jokes, whether it’s between you and your partner, or you and a friend, it just makes people feel awkward and not part of the night.

Double date ideas

We’ve done our best to prepare you for not being a drunken bore, and we’re confident you’ve taken it on board. So where are the best places to ensure you’re going to be at your best?

  • Bowling. Simple, cheap and allows a good area to chat whilst having a good excuse to break away from awkward silences whilst you’re getting to know each other. If you really want to mix things up then swap the teams around so that you’re with the person you know least. Most city centres have moved away from the skanky back-alley bowling establishments of our childhood with the arcades and cheap pitchers, and places like all-star lanes offer a more upmarket setting to get to know everybody.
  • Bars. Yeah, that’s absolutely vague, but what you ideally want is somewhere with an intimate atmosphere that has plenty going on but has a layout that allows open tables for you to talk and get to know everybody. Ideally pick somewhere that has a live music act, but not a band. Think along the lines of a singer/songwriter with a piano, or similar. It gives the group a focus, but the chance to talk too.
  • Art galleries. A bit of a curve ball but hear us out. They give the group something to discuss outside of themselves, taking the pressure off you all to immediately spill your guts about every detail of your life. Equally, you’re able to tail off with different people to make sure you get to know everyone in the group and don’t get stuck with one person. Plus, if you suggest this one then you’ll look terribly intelligent and artsy. One the gallery is done and you’ve moved past any potential awkwardness then you can move on to a bar or a pub.