Homeschool Tips from Northwich Parents


How are you coping with lockdown 3? We want to make it a bit more bearable by sharing some advice from local people to help get you through it.

We know that one of the biggest challenges facing local families is homeschool! So, we asked people to share their tips and advice to help others get through the day successfully, here are some of our favourites, we hope they help!

From Instagram:

“Have fun for half an hour a day such as play a game or dance around the living room to add encouragement for each day of homeschooling!”

“Don’t feel confined to the set work from school. They’re doing an amazing job sending work through, but sometimes it’s a slog to get through and you realise afterwards you were just ‘getting through it’ and your child hasn’t actually learned or retained anything. Ask your child questions about the topic, encourage them to ask questions, and when they do, latch onto that and look for more info on it-google, books, your own knowledge etc. enthuse them about what they’re learning and relate it to everyday life. Those key points will stick much more, even if that means you don’t get through everything ”

“Routine works for us. Snack and fun breaks and as my little one loves creating things letting her choose a creative option based on the work set too.”

“We have a moto, ‘no pressure’ just try your very best and have some fun in between lessons. I personally think the schools have been fantastic, very organised and interactive with the kids so couldn’t ask for more.”

“Remember you’re doing the best you can, be you and don’t compare yourself to others. That’s our focus during this crazy time. Also never underestimate the power of a cardboard box we’ve had such fun making things out of them.”

From Facebook:

Claire Rowlands
“Using fun activities to learn maths. Baking or cooking is a good way to learn about weights and measures, and even fractions! Plus it gives them a reward to look forward to at the end” 

Nicky Scott
“This week for my daughter who started college this year, we are having a spa night, just to help with her health as she is stuck at home”

Kate Pugh
“We like to switch the indoor pe session web link for an outdoor nice walk to some of our favourite local places”

Susan Adamson
“I have to take my hat off to all who home schooling at the moment I have 1 at college who is fairly self sufficient but to keep the motivation going we have tried theme days that work alongside the school work rather than rigid lesson that sometimes they get fed up with so we would do things like Friends Friday where we would send write letters or messages to their friends for literacy draw pictures for art for Monday it would be maths Monday etc”

Harriet Parker
“I have made a chart so my daughter can tick off what she has done. This allows her to be proud with how much has been done in the day. Also remember that first and foremost you are a parent/ guardian and just like the children we can only try our best.”

Pauline Gray
“It’s a long day, so by the time it’s 2.30pm ‘story time’ we have ‘treat time’ so my son sits still and listens to the story…and I get a coffee break too!!!”

Stacey Harms
“Small tasks, made as fun as possible to keep them engaged. Regular breaks for them and so I can grab a coffee. If that doesn’t work bribery usually does. Couple of pieces of chocolate And also doing my star of the day award like school do. If work is completed and been no tears then he gets a certificate I make. Saying congratulations you are start of the day because……………… If gets 4 in a week then it’s a movie night at weekend.”

Kerry Beth Jackson
“Ours is start early and offer little breaks and no gadgets till all work complete. We have a mindfulness hour planned for every day in Jan and my kids have chosen the activities they would like to do to recharge. We also try to get out every day for a nice walk or scoot. The most important for me is to be kind and not judge we are all struggling and you do whats best for you. Their is no right or wrong answer just do you.”

Christina K Hodson
“My advice is don’t switch on any gadgets and start home schooling early on the morning. It’s good to have a plan of work and work in set chunks. There’s so many resources available online for every age and subject so it is good to use them. Definitely is good idea to have a fun and play outdoor with young children as these are easily get bored. So grab their attention and make home schooling extra interesting – arts, crafts or exercises between usual lessons schedule definitely works.”

Stacey Harms
“Small tasks, to keep kid interested. Regular breaks and chocolate helps. Lots of coffee for me.”