How to find the perfect gift


Whether it’s for that most wonderful time of year, an upcoming milestone birthday or a ‘just because’, finding the perfect gift is incredibly rewarding but can also be hard work. But never fear, we’re here to help out. We’ve put together some of our top hints and tips to help you locate the best present for absolutely anyone. And we mean anyone.

1. What do they like?

Before we start actually looking for gifts, it’s time to do our first bit of research. Begin by making a list of everything that person likes and the traits that define them as a person. Jot down as many things as you can whether they are big or small. These may not be present ideas themselves, but they’ll certainly help to spark some inspiration of areas you may want to look into.

2. Do some stalking

Not literally, of course. But the advent of social media means that most people’s lives are now an open book on the internet. Check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other platform they may have to see if they have dropped hints about specific gift ideas or to see if inspiration strikes again.

Many people nowadays have an Amazon wishlist, so imagine their delight when you surprise them with something they’ve been wanting all along?

3. Do they need anything?

Of course, everybody needs something. And more often than not these are things that we can’t physically see, hold or give to someone in a box, but this is where it’s time to get creative.

Have they just had a baby? Put together a newborn survival kit or a box full of everything they couldn’t eat or drink while pregnant. Gift them a student survival kit if they’re at uni. Are they a career-driven person who needs more time? Check out something that is going to help them become more efficient or productive. The possibilities are truly endless.

4. Think outside the box

Sometimes quite literally if you catch our drift! Not every present that you give someone has to come wrapped in paper and tied up with a bow. Why not give someone the gift of a memory that they will cherish forever?

Nowadays the internet is packed with dozens of different websites all offering ‘experiences’ that you can buy for either yourself or a loved one. And trust us, they’ve got something for absolutely everyone. Whether they’re an adrenaline junkie (skydiving experience), a foodie (Michelin-star meal) or love animals (zoo keeping experience), you’ll be sure to find them a present they’ll never forget.

5. Be nostalgic

Everyone loves a blast from the past. So why not create one for them to look back on in the future, or give them something that will remind them of their childhood? Maybe you’ve come across some old photographs of when you were little together that you could have restored or made into a canvas. Could you frame their diploma or degree for them to proudly display at home? Or could you dig out an ancient video game that they loved from childhood?