16 Unique date night ideas for any budget


Date night is always a great idea! As time flies, its easy to get caught up with day to day life and just slip into the same routine. Making one night every week for yourselves is the perfect plan but you don’t want that to become routine either. You need some unique, one-of-a-kind date night ideas that’ll get the excitement going for both of you.

Here are our top date night (and day) ideas to get you thinking:

  • Be a tourist

If you live in or near a big city, they’ll be plenty of tourist things you’re always too busy to do. Make some time for each other and your city and hop on the tourist trail. You’ll be surprised how fun it is!

  • Go for a classic

You might think it’s a cliché, but you can’t beat a dinner and a movie. When was the last time you did that?

  • Play a childhood game

This one’s great if you’re sticking to a budget. Have a night in and dig out those old favourite childhood games. Twister anyone?

  • Cook together

It’s too easy to make cooking a chore but you can bring the fun back into the kitchen by cooking together. Take a course each and really create something special.

  • Take a field trip

This one’s perfect for long summer days. Just take yourselves, a picnic and lie in the grass gazing at the clouds together.

  • Do something new

Date night is all about fun and excitement, so why not do something you’ve never done before. If you’re planning a day out why not try rock climbing. You’ll need to work together, and you’ll get the adrenaline going.

Or if you fancy bringing out your inner child, how about trampolining?

  • Create a cocktail (or two)

Why not head to a cocktail class and learn how to mix and taste your new favourite tipple.

  • Watch the world go by

Take some quiet time out together and just relax. Head to your favourite people watching spot, grab a drink and spend a lazy day just watching the world go by.

  • Take to the ice

An ideal winter-alternative to dinner and drinks. Get wrapped up, take to the ice and hold each other close.

  • Get your Insta-fix

Boost your social media profiles with a day out being budding photographers. Find some unique places near you, get your filters right and snap away. Save some time for a couple of cheeky selfies too.

  • Play stylist for the day

A shopping trip with a difference. It’s your turn to style your partner with day spent dressing each other. Who knows a change of style and a budget bargain could be coming your way.

  • Learn something new

While away the hours together exploring an art gallery, mooching around a museum or wandering through a National Trust property. It’ll be good for the mind and soul.

  • Work out together

Some say if you work out together, you’ll stay together. Do something you’re both new too, like a yoga or spinning class. Or train together for a 10k. It’ll take longer than a day, but it’ll be quality time together with a sense of achievement too.

  • Take a hike

A crisp, clear morning, blue skies and the great outdoors. If you get up early before the ramblers and dog walkers are out there’s nothing like time for just the two of you with the tranquillity of nature.

  • Start something new

Creating a new tradition between the two of you brings a sense of fun. Take turns every week or month to surprise each other with a date of your choice (or something you know your partner would love).

  • Enjoy a road trip

Just jump in the car and off you go. Bring some spontaneity to get the spirit of adventure going.

Whatever you choose, it’s time to make the most of quality time together.