Barons Quay Time Capsule is Buried


Local school children, the Town Mayor and members of the community gathered at Barons Quay to mark the climax of the centre’s 5th Birthday Time Capsule project.

The metre long, composite, cylindrical capsule was lowered into the ground containing a number of documents as well as digital content that will give future generations an insight into what 2020/21 was like.


The project was launched in April this year to celebrate the centre’s fifth anniversary and over the last eight months Barons Quay has been working with local people to gather interesting artefacts.


Pupils from Leftwich Community Primary School, Charles Darwin Community Primary School and Winnington Park Primary School worked hard last term to produce poems, diary entries, illustrations and comic strips to describe what living through a global pandemic was like.  They also contributed to a video for the capsule, where they made predictions about what 2051 might be like.


A photo album, including 20 winners from the Picture Northwich competition, were included in the capsule contents as well as people profiles from local residents and inspirational lockdown stories from the town.


Digital content from promising young musician; André Adams (15) from Winsford in Cheshire, who attends Hartford Church of England High School, was also included in the capsule. André recorded and produced three tracks during the Covid 19 lockdowns, his work aims to raise awareness of autism and inspire other children in the region.

Items from Barons Quay’s retailers and restaurants were also added to the capsule including cinema listings, a fidget popper toy, restaurant menus and merchandise.


Barons Quay officially opened on 28 November 2016 with  1,400  jobs created for local people as part of the regeneration project.  Since then a further 15 units have opened including H&M, River Island and Sports Direct. The Centre attracted over 18 million visits between 2016-2020 and continues to have ambitious plans for the future.


The capsule was securely sealed and placed in River Park by Northwich Town Mayor Sam Naylor.  He said: Five years have flown by and there remains a collective determination to make Barons Quay a fully functional ‘Go To’ destination. It was brilliant to take part in this time capsule project and the enthusiasm of our schools and their pupils was infectious. We all hope that Northwich  continues to prosper and that in 2051 it continues to be the best Town in the universe!’


Barons Quay Centre Manager, Lina Higuita said; “A lot has changed in Northwich and Barons Quay since we opened five years ago and despite the challenges of the last couple of years it’s great to see the town thriving again.  I’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to the time capsule project; they are now part of the centre’s legacy and have helped us create an exciting gift for future generations.”