The Night Time Bus Service Proves To Be A Success


In April, a night time bus service was started to encourage people to go to and from Barons Quay. It was a service designed to operate between Winsford and Northwich, and in turn, it has been extremely successful. The Nightlife Express Service only runs on Friday and Saturday between 6:45pm and 11:15pm, however, it has seen a large number of people turn up, with the times scheduled around cinema showings.

With the change in cinema times, it has seen people thoroughly enjoy themselves watching a movie whilst ensuring they get home safe and sound. Cllr Brian Clarke commented on the huge success and said: “We’re really pleased that people are using the service because it has to be used if we want to keep it.”

“It started off steady with numbers of eight or nine people using each service in the first or so, but it gradually got more and more and now we have more than 30 regularly per journey. It’s turned into a thriving service in a short period of time.”

Even though the Night Express Service has been popular for services from Winsford to Northwich, the services have not seen many people make the journey back to Northwich. Cllr Clarke spoke on the matter and said: “We don’t have people using the service to go from Northwich to Winsford at the minute, simply because there isn’t anything in Winsford for Northwich people at night time yet.”

The Nightlife Express Service was created when Arriva scaled back on their services, claiming that there was ‘insufficient use’ when journeying between the towns in January.