The Northwich Makeover


Northwich is officially undergoing some changes to the town centre, which will see a massive £1.4 million spent. With the idea to ‘enhance and protect the historic character’ of Northwich, the project is remaining true to its roots, keeping the traditional timber framed buildings.

With the Heritage Lottery Fund being used to help the local area, Northwich will most definitely become an attraction once coincided with Barons Quay. Not only will it remain true to its roots but it will also help the area become rejuvenated with the appearance of the town centre.

Many have had a say on the exciting new project, which includes Alison Knight, the director of places strategy at CWAC. Alison said: “This is the first of many individual improvement projects to be undertaken by the independence and specialist retailers in the Witton and High Street area of Northwich that will not only complement the new Barons Quay development but involve the whole of the town centre in the inspiring regeneration of Northwich.”

She also goes on to say “the historic timber framed buildings give the town centre its unique character and identity and I am delighted that the first of the improvement projects is underway with HLF funding.”

As well as improvements to the current buildings in place, the regeneration is also in place to help existing businesses thrive and are supported along the way.