Time Capsule Content Goes On Display


What will life be like in 2051? How will future generations comprehend 2020? A new exhibition exploring the past, present and future is now on display at Barons Quay as part of it’s 5th Birthday Time Capsule campaign.


The exhibition, which is situated opposite H&M, features a number of contributions from local people that will give an insight for future generations when the time capsule is opened in 2051.


Visitors can view the work of Northwich school children from Charles Darwin Community Primary School, Leftwich Community Primary School and Winnington Park Primary School, who have used poetry, diary entries, letters and art to represent 2020, explaining what it was like to live during a global pandemic.  The children also provided written accounts and drawings of what they think the future holds…


Talented local photographers are also featured in the display, providing a real life account of what Northwich is like right now.  The 20 winners of the #PictureNorthwich competition can view their work before it is made into an album and placed in the capsule. 

A number of volunteers filled out questionnaires about their lives, providing information about themselves, their families, their favourite things and their experience of the lockdowns.  These People Profiles will provide further insight for future residents of Northwich.


Inspirational lockdown stories have also been included, highlighting the good work by local residents who helped others during a very difficult time.


As well as these documents, a short film has been produced featuring Northwich folk predicting what they think life will be like in 30 years time. 


A memory stick containing digital content will also go inside the Time Capsule as well as copies of the Northwich Guardian and an item from each Barons Quay tenant.


Barons Quay Centre Manager Lina Higuita said: “Working with schools and the local community for our 5th Birthday Time Capsule campaign has been amazing! Not only does this historical project mark our milestone anniversary it is also a reflection of this unforgettable moment in time. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to it.”


The exhibition is on display until the 17th November, with artefacts being buried on the 18th November.